Friday, September 30, 2011


It's not that I need coffee. I don't need coffee. I want a cup of coffee because I want a cup of coffee, damn it.

This has been quite the experience for me. I thought it was going to be a breeze. The first week was easy. It was also the week my boyfriend was out of town. Sometimes I wanted coffee but settled for a cup of tea which was great. 

The second week was okay...until....I stayed up 36 hours doing a freelance illustration gig for the company my boyfriend works for. I didn't had any coffee. That's right! I stayed up for 36 hours and there was no coffee involved. There was a lot of stress, panic and deadlines.

This third week I am just irritated that I'm not having a coffee when I feel like having a coffee. This is harder then I imagined it to be. I am looking forward to the same thing my BFF mentions below.

no coffee?!

Comments from Sara:
It smells soooo good in the morning. I heard Gene stirring his coffee downstairs today as I was waking up. It was such a yummy sound. And he buys the good shit. I blame his 50% Cuban tounge. 

I was groggy the first few days, but wasn’t so dependant on coffee enough that I was in any real withdraw. For me now, it’s just a taste thing, especially since I always had it at least half-caf. I can’t wait for a nice Half-Caf French Vanilla Soy on a chilled October day. <Content Sigh>

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