Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Here are some photos from last weekend. A group of us got stuck upstate with no way out. All the roads were closed due to flooding. Half the time I forgot that I even had a camera. The other half it was raining. Here are some moments in between.

Catskills NY 
Catskills NY
Creek upstate, NY
Catskills NY
Tree next to a creek
Mushroom and roots
"gentleman's" Croquet
out in the rain
Creek gettikng out of hand Hurricane Irene
Creek getting out of hand Hurricane Irene
Hurricane Irene, Belleayre Evacuation Center
Hurricane Irene, Belleayre Evacuation Center
Hurricane Irene, Belleayre Evacuation, Center,
Hurricane Irene, Belleayre Evacuation Center

Lots of pets
Hurricane Irene, Belleayre Evacuation Center
Hurricane Irene, Belleayre Evacuation CenterGot some sleep...

Outside eveacuation center after the storm

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Best popcorn seasoning

"Best Vegan Popcorn Seasoning: So buttery tasting, so healthy, so Vegan..." Okay, you have my attention. 

I have been doing the Etsy thing with my shirts and illustrations. This, of course, leads to surfing on etsy. I am so impressed by some people. Very innovative things are going on in this community.  I came upon HealthyVegRecipes (This Etsy shop no longer sells this product). Etsy page and was won over in a matter of seconds. "SHE'S SELLING RECIPES?!?!" and here I am giving them away! (Hahah, no just kidding.) Writing recipes, taking pictures, and posting them really is the same as selling. Just the idea of someone selling their recipes has me intrigued. For someone to put a price on recipe yields confidence in what they have. & order myself a 1 oz package of seasoning. 

HealthyVegRecipies (This Etsy shop no longer sells this product) includes some directions on how to make the popcorn and apply the seasoning. It  also suggest coating the popcorn with coconut oil. 

Coconut oil? What? 

I can't possibly see how that would be good on popcorn. As I have reservations about this, I decide to go with my normal safflower oil. It tasted like a blast from the past. A cheesy puff that I ate in 8th grade which was highly processed and NO real ingredients in sight. But this...this is fantastic. It even adds a yellow tone to the popcorn, suggesting "cheesy" goodness.  

The description didn't lie. One after another and the snack was gone. This is truly one of the best seasonings I've ever tried on popcorn.

Vegan Popcorn Seasoning I've been doing raw & vegan for detox preparation that is starting on Friday and today I wanted something extra that would simmer down my appetite for something crunchy. Being lazy and about to settle down for a movie I decided to convince my boyfriend, who is detoxing with me, that "Popcorn isn't really's just heated up. Also, the seasoning is vegan and gluten free". I was making popcorn in no time. This time I decide to try the coconut oil suggestion. It's on our list of healthy oils to use for our detox plan. Coconut oil is healthy. Your metabolism will love you for it. Be sure to buy only virgin coconut oil in glass jars as plastic toxins seeps into oil fairly quickly.
Anyway, back to this coconut oil in my popcorn. What a difference. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I always limited my popcorn making because I didn't want too much bad oil. I would have never guessed that coconut oil would work this well. It's delicious. I won't be so apprehensive about making popcorn anymore. (Coconut oil is solid and needs to be warmed up before coating.) 

This seasoning has won me over. This will be a staple seasoning in my apartment. I will make sure to never run out of it because having plain popcorn isn't comparable to this cheesy, buttery vegan goodness. HealthyVegRecipies (This Etsy shop no longer sells this product) also can also provide this in a low sodium version.

Vegan Popcorn Seasoning

Carol form HealthyVegRecipies said " We have tried this on almost everything! My favorite is on pasta with a little olive oil. If you sprinkle enough on it taste cheesy :) YUM! I also love it on green beans and almost every other veggie. Most times that I make a sandwich I grab this for a dash of goodness there as well. French fries we have also tried and LOVE! but I have not made kale chips but can imagine that being a perfect combo."

There's still a bunch of seasoning left and a lot more movie night for me and my man.  

Extra Health benefits this seasoning adds:

B vitamins including B12
Trace Minerals
Joy from its extreme flavor!

Allergy info: Gluten free and also free of starch, corn, soy, milk, egg, shellfish, preservatives, and nuts. Available low sodium.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Peach pitBest popcorn seasoning
Tea Kettle
Dead house plant : (

1. Peach pit
2. Popcorn seasoning review coming up this week.
3. Around the apartment.
4. Just retired our Chemex coffee maker for an automatic one after 1 1/2 years.
5. Rosemary plant just died on me.
6. Fat Baci

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Coctail with herb ice cubes
Making some pillows
I've been working on something
It's like the 80's but cooler
Pipe plumbing desk building prep

1. Cocktail with some mint herb ice cubes my boyfriend made for me.
2. Been making pillows.
3. My hands.
4. It's like the 80's but cooler.
5. Apartment furniture. 

Noticed I haven't posted lately. I've been making food just not too much of my own. A lot of apartment projects have been getting finished. That's always good.

Monday, August 8, 2011


Cracked boiled eggsKithcen window plant
Bird in bathroom window
Saturday morning
Apple, apple, aple, & apple.

So many photos and they need somewhere to go.

1.Breakfast 2 eggs for me. Two for my man.
2. Asparagus plat in kitchen window
3. Bird in bathroom window. He hung out for a while.
4. Saturday morning 7 am reading "The Hunger Games".
5. Baci was so sleepy, he never finished his morning coffee.
6. My man's gear in preparation for a flight.