Saturday, September 3, 2011


Baja Mexican Restuarant,  Jersey City, NJ

I've always passed by this place and never walk in. The only reason we ended up in here was because of a Living Social deal. It's a lot easier to make yourself try a restaurant it when its half the price.

The decor was confusing and mesmerizing all at the same time. I couldn't figure it out. There's an 80's looking fountain when you first walk in. The booths had a pleather 80's looking upholstery. A lot of gold / bronze finishes around the booths and walls. A lot of weird light fixtures that didn't really go with a Mexican theme. The mural was nicely painted but I feel you can make a restaurant "Mexican" without making it look like you are outside in Mexico. Obviously, we are in a restaurant. Don't need to make a fake buildings inside of a building. This kind decor grows old fast.

Baja Mexican Restuarant, Jersey City, NJ

First we are told that its 1/2 price on drinks at the bar. Then we are told Living Social deal doesn't apply to the bar area. Okay, we move to a booth. Chips and salsa are given to us as soon as we sit down. We ordered two drinks and two waters. Never got the water until half way through the meal after asking for it again.
Baja Mexican Restuarant,  Jersey City, NJ
Not fresh salsa & not spicy.

Baja Mexican Restuarant, Jersey City, NJ

Drinks were good but how can anyone mess up a margarita from a box? I start to examined the margarita glasses. It really irritates me when I get alcoholic drinks in plastic. It was glass and the stem was shaped like a cactus. My boyfriend notices and comments "Those margaritas glasses have no right to call themselves glass". We order guacamole, large for $8.95. Came with a tortilla chip wedged on top. The soggy texture of the chip indicated that it was in there for some time. The guac also needed salt. It didn't wow us but it was easy to eat.

Baja Mexican Restuarant, Jersey City, NJ
Already ate the chip!

We ordered the fajita with grilled vegetables for $12.95. Charbroiled zucchini, tomatoes, mushrooms,red and green peppers, onions and spices. When the waiter came with our food he forgot the tortillas. He came back with them a few moments later and dropped the on the table. The tortillas were rolled up in paper that looked like a napkin with some utensils. Not to appetizing. There were only two when you need four to actually finish the meal. Additional tortillas were $1.00 extra. We didn't bother.

Baja Mexican Restuarant, Jersey City, NJ

The veggies were good. A bit too many bell peppers for my liking and not enough onions. In fact I counted 5 small onion rounds. Zucchini was delicious and a good amount of it compared to the other veggies. Nicely cooked and burned at the bottom. Mushrooms were tasty as well.

The fajitas came with rice and black beans, quac and sour cream. The rice had some peas that looked like they've been dried out and wrinkled for a while. Maybe never even stirred because some of the veggies were clearly dried out and two different colors. Not very attractive.

We came in a bit early and were the only ones in the dinning room. As we sat there eating our meal some shipments were coming in for the kitchen and the bar. Three crates of what looked like lemons, limes and celery. More boxes passed by and a kitchen guy made some jokes with the waiters.  I enjoy Mexican food a whole lot and I would love to be less negative but I would also like better food if I have to pay for it. Our bill came to $40.55 for one appetizer, one meal and two drinks. Not terrible but not good.

Yelp Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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