Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Toast and honey Sunday skirt Boyfriends glasses <3 9-11-11 New reading Madame Claude Cafe croissants New kitty in apt. 1. Toast and local honey...mmmm
2. Sunday skirt.
3. Boyfriend glasses.
4. 9/11
5. New book "Being in love: How to Love with Awareness and relate Without Fear" by Osho Rajneesh. Good Reads.
6. Best Vegetarian Sunday brunch at Madame Claude Cafe in Jersey City, NJ.
7. NEW KITTY !?!?!! Check out more photo's here.

My goal is to post "Week in pictures" on Monday instead of Tuesday. This would mean I need to upload all of my pictures on Sunday instead of Monday night or update super early on Monday. Either way I need to move it up a day. Blah.

Also, it has come to my attention (again) that I'm posting recipes once a week. Ugh. I would love to make this more frequent. MORE UPDATES! New goal is to post 2-4 times a week. I need to work my way up, it seems.

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